Latex, mylars and mixed groupings

Each team member at our shop store has been thoroughly trained in various methods of creating stunning balloon bouquets. That means that you get consistently-sized, well-shaped balloons that fit well together and are professionally presented.  And we’ll even provide you with a twist tie for each bouquet to avoid the tangles.

Below is a guide, this is what our customers usually require for their bouquets:

  •   3-balloon with mylar, latex or both are ideal for intimate rooms on tables
  •   4-balloon stacked latex are useful for taller rooms to create a feeling of space
  •   5-balloon  are perfect for standard table settings, usually with a feature mylar balloon topper (21st, Happy Birthday, Congratulations)
  •   7- and 10-balloon with latex or mylar are great for standing in corners and for filling larger spaces
  •  13-balloon or larger bouquets create a stunning effect – the volume of balloons makes these ideal for making a major statement in a space (at a doorway on on either side of a table).